Not to be confused with The Millionaire Cue as both have similar names.
Multimillionaire Cue
Multimillionaire Cue
General info
Level Unlocked 52
Price 3500000 pool coins Pool Coins icon 1
Recharge Price 350000 pool coins Pool Coins icon 1
Chat message "I am a millionaire!"
Classification Above 20
Cue stats
Force Aim
Spin Time
Cue succession

Diamond Cue

Black Hole Cue
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The Multimillionaire Cue is a cue in 8 Ball Pool which is obtainable at level 52, costs 35000000 pool coins to purchase and 3500000 pool coins to recharge.


The multimillionaire cue is a cue encrusted in gold, dark cream and jewels. The diamonds come in deep pink, jade and aqua blue and at the tip of the cue is a grand white diamond. The cue specializes in force and spin and is among one of the most expensive cues within 8 Ball Pool.

Right On Cue Achievement
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