Not to be confused with the Cloth patterns, as there is a common misconception between the two table aspects.

Cloths are a customisable feature of tables and, when customized, change the main cloth colour of a player's table. Cloth colours range from primary colours to non-primary colours, and a lot of the cloths are either a darker or lighter shade than an other. Cloth patterns are patterns imprinted on normal cloths, and a number of cloths and frames are actually somewhat related. For example, there is a Matte Black Frame and a Matte Black Cloth Pattern.

List of cloths

Main Article: List of cloths

Price Colour
Default, no price
5000 Pool Coins icon 1
2500 Pool Coins icon 1
10000 Pool Coins icon 1
12500 Pool Coins icon 1
75000 Pool Coins icon 1
50000 Pool Coins icon 1
5 Pool Cash icon
2000 Pool Coins icon 1
35000 Pool Coins icon 1
10 Pool Cash icon
1000 Pool Coins icon 1
75000 Pool Coins icon 1
50 Pool Cash icon
15 Pool Cash icon
25 Pool Cash icon
32 Pool Cash icon
40 Pool Cash icon

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