Black Hole Cue
Black Hole Cue
General info
Level Unlocked 52
Price 4200000 pool coins Pool Coins icon 1
Recharge Price 420000 pool coins Pool Coins icon 1
Chat message "There is no escape!"
Classification Above 20
Cue stats
Force Aim
Spin Time
Cue succession

Multimillionaire Cue

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The Black Hole Cue is a cue in 8 Ball Pool which is obtainable at level 52, costs 4200000 pool coins to purchase (it costs 6000000 pool coins on mobile devices) and 420000 pool coins to recharge.


The black hole cue is a cue coated in ebony with a mystic amethyst-tinted outline. Outside the outline is a dark purple shadow with sparks fleeting off. It specializes in spin and is among one of the most expensive cues available.

Right On Cue Achievement
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